Why would you invest into a CRM?

The days of admin input and double entry are over. Well architected Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are powerful tools that not only drive efficiency but also provide a direct pathway to faster customer response times and even deliver new IP and long-term enduring value to the business.

Reason 1: A central view of your customer

By placing the Customer at the core of the CRM system, all other technologies and processes can flow through the engagement journey. This includes:

  • The Lead stage: marketing engagement, social interaction, unique selling proposition (USP)
  • The Nurture stage: automated, highly personalised email, calls, meetings, events.The
  • The Account stage: product distribution, project execution, fulfilment, training, relationships, future project identification.
  • The Support stage: SLA, annuity growth.

In addition to data capture at the CRM level, it is equally important to ensure compatibility with integration of other systems and tools so that you can manage automated workflows. Some of these include: Accounting software, Warehouse software, Resource Planning software, Fulfilment, Social platforms, Events, Project management systems & 3rd party Vendor systems etc..

Each of these systems should be configured so that records can be updated at the Contact level. This builds up your unique data footprint in the business (ie: your unique IP) in a smart way so that anyone in the Company can see when the customer was last contacted, by whom and in some instances use A.I. tools to make recommendations on who to proactively contact.

Reason 2: Business continuity

I’ll be honest, this is a big reason to make sure that you have a central repository of all interaction with customers. When someone leaves the team, how else do you capture the work and IP that they helped create in your business? Most CRM solutions are able to automate the synchronisation of emails and contacts so if one of the team did decide to leave there is an automatic insurance policy in place to ensure that you maintain a high standard with customers through the handover process.

In addition, should you decide to sell the business then data migration and due diligence become super simple. A number of businesses are bought because of value outside of a traditional Net Profit position, data and IP are the new Gold.

Reason 3: Measurable growth

“If something can’t be measured, then it cannot be improved” – Very powerful words and so true. When it comes to building rapport with B2B sales channels there are multiple touch points, everything from accounts to marketing which means that you need to establish a simple, clear performance baseline on what can be measured as success.

Putting the customer at the centre of the engagement allows you to objectively measure how the relationship is tracking. Do they have sufficient terms to operate? Are they involved in multiple deals? Do they have outstanding support tickets? All of these questions and more can be easily measured and communicated in a super simple way to the Team.

Reason 4: Approvals and automated processes

B2B businesses usually have several aspects to building relationships. The receptionist and accounts clerk are just as important to the customer experience as the Account Manager. Long term customers need to be nurtured as many levels in order to deliver the best service. There are multiple areas in B2B supply chains where an automated or digital approval workflow can significantly improve productivity and customer experience. This is only possible if all contact information is kept up to date and managed correctly within a central repository.

Your customers growth relies on your ability to service their requirements faster and more accurately than the competition. If your current process involves manual paperwork and multiple approval levels then the door is being left wide open.

Document your customer journey point by point and highlight all manual processes or approvals. Then work with department heads on ways to simplify, automate and digitise the entire process.

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